Genome sequences for 73 Lake Malawi cichlid species

We have released a Variant Call Format (VCF) file for 73 Lake Malawi cichlid species.

The VCF file contains genome-wide biallelic Single Nucleotide Polymorthism (SNP) variation for 134 individuals, covering 73 species and all the major lineages of the Lake Malawi haplochromine cichlid radiation. Further details with regards to the sample selection, methods and NCBI accessions for the raw genomic data are available in this PDF that accompanies the release.

The VCF file is now available for download: [VCF | index]. In addition, the new “malawiFilteredVCF” track has been added to the MetZeb1.1-prescreen Metriaclima zebra genome browser.

This is a public release in advance of publication of our genome-wide analysis of this dataset, which is in an advanced state of preparation. For analyses concerning specific genomic region(s) this data can be used without any restrictions, although we request that any manuscript cites our paper (once published) as a reference for the origin of the data. If a genome-wide analysis forms a major part of a manuscript to be submitted before we publish on this dataset, we require the authors to contact us to discuss how to recognise our contribution in generating, preserving and sharing this resource.


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